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Agustin's artistic journey started when he first picked up a camera in 2014.  With a determination to get involved in automotive culture, Agustin started shooting every cool car that he saw, & could easily be found at nearly every local car show.  He quickly picked up work with Jaguar Land Rover, where he created a deep collection of multimedia content that became the core of their Marketing campaigns. To expand his capabilities, Agustin took every opportunity to shoot whatever came his way. Priding himself on his versatility, you'll often find Agustin working with athletes, musicians, restaurants, & public figures; creating engaging, purposeful content. 

As of 2019, Agustin has been working freelance with a wide scope of work, & a particular focus on what he is most passionate about - soccer.  For as long as Agustin can remember, he was intrigued by the way that sports ads would make you fall in love with not just a product, but the culture that sports represent.  A true storyteller at heart, Agustin brought his passion for people into his work, while enjoying the opportunity to help others tell their story through branding & media.

Agustin is a videographer/photographer from New Jersey specializing in

commercial media, formulated around brand growth and marketing.



+ Video Lookbooks

+ Sports

+ Commercial

+ Events

+ Fashion

+ Food + Product 

+ Portraiture



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